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Music for Ostriches

I am a fan of many things on this small #planet in this big big #universe. One of which is the diversity of #nature, of all the living things. I am fascinated and deeply adore #animals. I could spend hours and hours observing them, connecting and sharing the beauty of life. It makes me feel small, but in a good way. It shows me my place in the universe, reminds me of being respectful and humble, of the fact that we are all equal. Did you know that the modern african #ostrich roamed the earth some 20 million years ago? Fossils of related species even date back 150 million years. That means that they lived with and survived dinosaurs! Ostriches. Very bizarre, yet beautiful and interesting creatures. Rarely have I been able to observe one as closely as here, on a sweet ostrich farm in the middle of nowhere in France. (www.autrucherieuse.com) Here are some more facts: They stand on two big "chicken" legs that only each have two toes. Their bodies are muscular and heavy, an average bird weighing around 130 kilograms and reaching a hight of about two meters. They are very agile with their long necks and like to peck at things here and there. Their heads are very small and flat, yet their eyes extremely big, with their long eyelashes giving them a very lovable, romantic look. With them, they have a very wide visual field and can see up to five kilometers. They have no olfactory sense. Ostriches are the only birds who are equipped with genitals, and when they mate, it is the female who decides which partner is most apt for her. If she doesn't like her suitor, she simply chases him away. To fertilize an egg, ostriches need to mate up to eight times a day. They can live up to eighty years, and can run with a speed up to seventy kilometers per hour. They can keep a speed of fifty kilometers per hour for a duration of half an hour.

#Traveling for the last two months, we've enjoyed the hospitality of many farmers and it has always been wonderful being around the farm animals.

One thing I adore to explore is playing #music for the animals, or #singing for them. Getting close and surprising these animals with the warm sounds of my ukulele or voice, just as they surprise me with their unique and sensitive reactions. #animallove Who said that music was only meant for humans?

Today I played for a very proud ostrich male. He listened to me for a long while, curious yet cautious, for this sound he had quite surely never heard before. As i stopped playing, he lay down in front of me and started wooing me with a beautiful dance, carefully swaying his wings forth and back. His way of showing appreciation? What a magical reaction of such an ancient, noble creature. We are all one. And i feel humble.

I see you. Sarah

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