• Sarah

How it all started...

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

The seed was planted in the Swiss mountains of Graubünden on a winter's day.

We were lucky last December, when we got to spend a long weekend in winter wonderland, Graubünden, in the Swiss mountains. The weekend was nurturing and beautiful. Full of nature's grace, music, laughter, indulgence and pleasure. On our way back to Zurich, back to reality, we came to talk about our past travel experiences and how they triggered important life changes and realizations for both of us individually. We were saying that one day, yes one day, we wanted to go on a big adventure. Half a year at least. Maybe a year. Maybe even longer? We were actually quite quick in proposing to another: "well, why not go now? leave this year!?" Insanity? Possibly. We decided to give it time till the end of the month. No decision needs to be made right now. But an idea was planted in our heads and hearts that day. We did not need a full month to decide. In fact, we were convinced already a couple of days later.

We left behind our fears, we embraced courage and got ourselves into the mindset of leaving for a year.